Changing IP address

The following steps may be used to change the IP address of a Solaris system.

1. Change the host's IP in /etc/hosts for the change to take effect after reboot. If you are using Solaris 10, you must also change the host's IP in /etc/inet/ipnodes for the change to take effect after reboot.

2. Run ifconfig interface ip_address netmask broadcast_address for the IP address change to take effect immediately. The netmask and broadcast_address should be specified if you are using variable length subnet masks (VLSM), but may be omitted otherwise.

3. If you are using variable length subnet masks (VLSM), add the host's network number and subnet mask to /etc/netmasks.

If the new IP address places the system on a different network:

4. Place the host's new default gateway in /etc/defaultrouter

5. Run route add default new_gateway for the new default gateway to take effect immediately.

6. Run route delete default old_gateway to delete the old default gateway from the routing table.

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Last modified: 2007/11/03