Disabling SUID on automounted directories

In general, only the /usr partition on a UNIX box should allow the SUID bit. All other file systems should be mounted -nosuid if possible.

In an NIS environment, it is critical that users' /home directories and the /net file system do not allow the SUID bit.

Here are the default contents of /etc/auto_master in our Solaris environment:

# Master map for automounter
/net            -hosts          -nosuid,nobrowse
/home           auto_home       -nobrowse
/xfn            -xfn

Although /net and /home are listed in /etc/auto_master, this information is superseded by the auto_master NIS map; the +auto_master line instructs the automounter to get information first from the auto_master NIS map.

Here are the relevant entries from an the auto.master map:
egrep "/net|/home" auto.master
/home           auto.home               -rw,intr,noquota
/net            -hosts                  -intr,soft,timeo=10,retrans=9,noquota

In order to prevent /home and /net from allowing the SUID bit, we add -nosuid to the mount options:

/home           auto.home               -rw,intr,noquota,nosuid
/net            -hosts                  -intr,soft,timeo=10,retrans=9,noquota,nosuid

In order for the changes to take effect, (1) the auto_master map has to be pushed to the NIS slave servers, and (2) the automount command has to be run on each server in the NIS domain.

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Last modified: 03/26/2003