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Note: I've essentially abandoned this script, as I run Ubuntu instead of Fedora. I place this script in the Public Domain. You may want to research if it's legal to use "Fedora" as part of a script name.

Fedora Helper for FC6 is out.

Download the latest version of Fedora Helper for FC6:
$ wget http://brandonhutchinson.com/fedora-helper-fc6
$ chmod u+x fedora-helper-fc6

Download the latest version of Fedora Helper for FC5:
$ wget http://brandonhutchinson.com/fedora-helper-fc5
$ chmod u+x fedora-helper-fc5

Screenshot of fedora-helper-fc5

Fedora Helper is a shell script that facilitates installation of "forbidden items"--software that will not be included in the Fedora Core or Fedora Extras repositories because it is proprietary or legally encumbered.

Fedora Helper uses zenity to provide a graphical-user interface, and is loosely based on Fedora frog. Unlike Fedora frog, Fedora Helper only uses the Livna repository, and strictly forbids RPMforge and Livna repository mixing.

Fedora Helper for FC5 has the following features:
Fedora Helper is under rapid development. Please contact me at bhutch@REMOVEgmail.com with any questions, problems, or suggestions for improvement.


* 2006-11-15

1. Initial release of Fedora Helper for FC6.

* 2006-08-02

1. Added Opera 9
2. Minor bug fixes

* 2006-07-28

1. Added Noatun and Kaboodle support.
2. Using yum "localinstall" feature to install compat-libstdc++-33 prerequisite for Acrobat Reader if needed.

* 2006-06-22

Fixed a problem with "Win32codecs." Fedora Helper would return an error message if the MPlayer FTP site contained multiple all-*.tar.bz2 archives.

* 2006-04-24

Fixed two problems noted by Kevin Kofler on fedora-list:
1. requiresLivna() was not in the "if" block for "MP3 Support" and "DVD Support"
2. Changed "nVidia" to "ATI" in informational message in "ATI" section

Added yumCheck function to check if another program is currently using yum (e.g. Package Manager, Package Updater).

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