Installing WINE daily builds

On my Red Hat Linux system, I use WINE to run certain Windows applications, including Lotus Notes R5. WINE is still alpha software, and is improving with each daily build.
WINE offers both a "normal" daily build and a daily build with OpenGL support. Red Hat Linux users may add the following lines to the root user's crontab to download and install the latest daily build of WINE.
Normal build:

# Download and install daily normal WINE build
0 4 * * * rpm -Uvh`date +\%m\%d\%y`-1.i386.rpm

OpenGL build:
# Download and install daily OpenGL WINE build
0 4 * * * rpm -Uvh`date +\%m\%d\%y`-1.i386.rpm

Note: after you have executed this command once, you may prefer to use RPM's "freshen" (-F) instead of "upgrade" (-U) when executing this daily job. "Freshen" will only install a newer version of a package that is already installed, whereas "upgrade" will upgrade a package if it is currently installed, or install it if it is not currently installed.

Be sure to take a look at Wine Development HQ for more information on WINE and for daily builds available in other formats. Codeweavers also has a user-friendly distribution of WINE that makes WINE configuration very easy. Frank's Corner has information on running popular applications with WINE, as well as excellent coverage on winex (WINE with DirectX support often needed for games).

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Last modified: 01/16/2003