Mozilla Firefox: The "Browser Battle" is Back

by Brandon Hutchinson

The following is an article I wrote for a work newsletter.

Although Microsoft's Internet Explorer dominates Web browser usage with 93% market share, the "browser battle" has returned because of the emergence of a serious competitor: Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox is a free, cross-platform, extensible Web browser. With Internet Explorer already installed as part of the Windows operating system, why consider switching to Mozilla Firefox?

Perhaps most importantly, Mozilla Firefox offers a "safer" Web browsing experience, free of pop-up advertisements and spyware. Additionally, Mozilla Firefox offers many features not available in Internet Explorer, including:
One caveat about Mozilla Firefox: some Web sites developed specifically for Internet Explorer, such as those with ActiveX controls, may not render or function correctly in Mozilla Firefox. The aforementioned IE View for Windows extension makes it easy to launch Internet Explorer to view these pages.

With its recent 1.0 milestone release and critical praise, Mozilla Firefox is a FOSS (Free/Open Source Software) package worth trying.

To download or learn more about Mozilla Firefox, visit

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Last modified: 12/03/2004