Multiple excludes with flarcreate

On my Solaris 8 system with up-to-date patches, flarcreate does not seem to honor multiple excludes (-x). It appears that others have also seen this behavior:

It is possible to use the output of find with flarcreate's -f and -F flags to perform multiple excludes:$

Example: exclude directories /home,/net, and /xfn from being included in the flash archive.

find / \( -name home -o -name net -o -name xfn \) -prune -o -print > /tmp/flar_files

Note: you may want to remove the line containing "/" from /tmp/flar_files. Otherwise, you will receive an error.

Creating the archive...
cpio: Error with lstat() of "", errno 2, No such file or directory

grep -v "^/$" /tmp/flar_list > /tmp/flar_list.tmp
mv /tmp/flar_list.tmp /tmp/flar_list

flarcreate -n "Flash archive" -a "" -f /tmp/flar_files -F -c -S /tmp/archive.flar

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Last modified: 06/23/2003