NetApp NFS Troubleshooting

Most "Permission denied" problems when mounting an NFS file system on a NetApp "filer" can be fixed using one of the following two methods:

1. Flushing the access cache with exportfs -f
2. Flushing the DNS cache with dns flush

Of course, first confirm the NetApp's list of exported file systems is correct using exportfs before attempting the method(s) above.

In the following example, the filer's access list has to be flushed after adding a reverse DNS record for The filer allows read-write access of /vol/tcp_data0/tcp_data0 to tcplewb801, and has a search domain containing Previously, no reverse DNS record existed for

# dig -x +short

nvplenf601> exportfs -c /vol/tcp_data0/tcp_data0
exportfs: does not have mount access to /vol/tcp_data0/tcp_data0
nvplenf601> exportfs -f /vol/tcp_data0/tcp_data0
nvplenf601> exportfs -c /vol/tcp_data0/tcp_data0
exportfs: has mount access to /vol/tcp_data0/tcp_data0

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Last modified: 2007/06/22