Unmounting NFS shares

One of our systems had an NFS file system mounted even though the NFS server was not sharing any file systems. Likely, the NFS server once offered this share, but did not have the NFS client(s) unmount their file systems before the share was disabled.

# mount | grep NFS_server
/NFS_server/files04 on NFS_server:/files04
read/write/setuid/intr/soft/timeo=10/retrans=9/noquot/remote on Mon
Jun 16 09:17:02 2003

# umount /NFS_server/files04
nfs umount: /NFS_server/files04: is busy

# showmount -e NFS_server
showmount: NFS_server: RPC: Program not registered

Since the NFS_server is not sharing any file systems, we need to add a temporary share on the NFS_server.

/etc/dfs/dfstab entry on NFS_server:
share -F nfs -o ro -d "Temporary share" /tmp

Start NFS server services with /etc/init.d/nfs.server start on NFS_server.

Confirm that the NFS_server is offering the share by running the following on the NFS client:

# showmount -e
export list for NFS_server:
/tmp (everyone)

Finally, unmount the NFS file system on the NFS client.
umount NFS_server:/files04

If the file system is busy, run fuser -c /file_system to see which processes are using the file system.

You may disable NFS services on NFS_serverby removing the /etc/dfs/dfstab entry and running /etc/init.d/nfs.server stop

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Last modified: 06/16/2003