VMware Player

In this example, I install VMware Player and create a Windows XP Professional guest system on my Ubunbu 7.04 laptop.

1. Install VMware Player.
$ sudo apt-get -y install vmware-player

2. Create the virtual machine using the on-line virtual machine creator at http://www.easyvmx.com/.

Note: To make networking work with my guest system, I chose "vlance" instead of "Intel Pro/1000" as my ethernet virtual device.

3. Extract the virtual machine's files.
$ unzip -q Windows_XP_Professional.zip
$ cd Windows_XP_Professional

4. Insert the Windows XP Professional installation CD-ROM.

5. Boot the virtual machine to begin guest system installation.
$ vmplayer Windows_XP_Professional.vmx

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Last modified: 2007/08/01