WinSCP public key authentication

The following steps detail how to use public key authentication with WinSCP on an OpenSSH server.

1. Download and install WinSCP. Choose the installation package to include public key tools PuTTYgen and Pageant.

2. Run PuTTYgen (Start/Programs/WinSCP3/Key tools/PuTTYgen).

3. Click on the SSH2 RSA (or SSH2 DSA; do not use SSH protocol 1 if possible) radio button under Type of key to generate:.

4. Click Generate.

5. Copy-and-paste the public key in Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys2 file: into the ~UNIX_ID/.ssh/authorized_keys file on the OpenSSH server.

6. Enter and confirm a Key passphrase: and click Save private key.

7. Start WinSCP3. Under Session, enter the Host name, User name, and Private key file and click Login. You will be prompted for your private key passphrase, unless you have already added your private key to the Pageant ssh agent.

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Last modified: 02/05/2004