cfengine "Host authentication failed"

# cfagent -vqIK

cfengine:trospsawb801b: Strong authentication of connection confirmed

cfengine:trospsawb801b: Server returned error:  Host authentication failed. Did you forget the domain name or IP/DNS address registration (for ipv4 or ipv6)?
cfengine:trospsawb801b: Can't stat /var/cfengine/masterfiles/inputs in copy

If you receive this message, check cfservd.conf on the policyserver ( in this example) for the admit or grant rules to the file(s) returned in the Can't stat ... in copy error. In this example, the cfengine client does not have a reverse DNS record, and the cfengine policyserver permits access to /var/cfengine/masterfiles/inputs only by hostname.

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Last modified: 2007/06/12