Installing dsniff 2.3

The brilliant folks at enZo deserve a scooby-snack for figuring out how to compile dsniff 2.4b1 on Fedora Core 2 and Fedora Core 3. Please visit their dsniff page and send them a thank-you note:

dag's RPM repository has dsniff 2.3 packages for Red Hat Linux 9.0, Fedora Core 1, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3:

Complete step-by-step instructions for compiling dsniff 2.4b1 on Fedora Core 3:

Libnids 1.16

tar zxf libnids-1.16.tar.gz
patch -p0 < libnids-1.16-fixed-FC.patch
./configure && make && sudo make install

Libnet 1.0.2a

tar zxf libnet-1.0.2a.tar.gz
patch -p0 < libnet-1.0.2a-fixed-FC.patch
./configure && make && sudo make install

dsniff 2.4b1

tar zxf dsniff-2.4b1.tar.gz
patch -p0 < dsniff-2.4.fixed.FC.patch
cd dsniff-2.4
./configure && make && sudo make install

Note: "stock" dsniff 2.3 appears to compile using the patched Libnids 1.16 and Libnet 1.0.2a above.

Old notes

Quick link to an RPM that works with Fedora Core 1 and Red Hat Linux 9:
rpm -Uvh

Instructions on how to use this RPM with Red Hat Linux 8.0 are listed below. CheckInstall was used to create this RPM, and is a substitute for make install below.

Complete instructions for compiling dsniff on Red Hat Linux 9:

1. Make sure you have the following RPMs installed.



2. Download dsniff 2.3, Libnet 1.0.2a, and Libnids 1.16. Note: newer versions of Libnet and Libnids may be available, but you may not be able to compile dsniff 2.3 with these newer versions.

wget \ \

3. Install Libnet.
tar zxvf libnet-1.0.2a.tar.gz
cd Libnet-1.0.2a
./configure && make && su -c "/usr/local/sbin/checkinstall -R -y"

4. Install Libnids.
tar zxvf libnids-1.16.tar.gz
cd libnids-1.16
./configure && make && su -c "/usr/local/sbin/checkinstall -R -y"

5. Install dsniff. dsniff needs access to header files in /usr/kerberos/include, so this path is added via the CFLAGS variable.
tar zxvf dsniff-2.3.tar.gz

cd dsniff-2.3
CFLAGS=-I/usr/kerberos/include ./configure && make &&
su -c "/usr/local/sbin/checkinstall -R -y"

To use the above RPM with Red Hat Linux 8.0 (I was not able to compile dsniff on Red Hat Linux 8.0 using the steps above):

1. Download openssl-0.9.7a-2.i386.rpm from the Red Hat Linux 9 distribution.

2. Extract the needed OpenSSL 0.9.7a files from the RPM. The files will be extracted into a lib subdirectory.
rpm2cpio openssl-0.9.7a-2.i386.rpm | cpio -id ./lib/ ./lib/

3. Copy OpenSSL 0.9.7a shared libraries into /lib. You may remove the lib subdirectory containing these two files after copying them to /lib.
cp lib/ /lib
cp lib/ /lib

4. Create OpenSSL 0.9.7a symbolic links.
ln -s /lib/ /lib/
ln -s /lib/ /lib/

5. Install the dsniff RPM with the --nodeps flag (we've satisfied the and dependencies).
rpm -Uvh --nodeps

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Last modified: 02/22/2005