mailq shows queue ID followed by an X

If the queue identifier is followed by an X when running mailq or sendmail -bp, sendmail queued the message instead of attempting delivery because the system load average is too high.

By default, the sendmail queue load average is 8, multiplied by the number of system processors.

Run mailq -d3.30 to see if sendmail determined it should queue the message based on system load average. In this example, I have two system processors, and am using the default queue load average.

j72Cpnbw003589shouldqueue: CurrentLA=17, pri=410730: true (by calculation)

By explicitly setting the queue load average to 50 with the following macro configuration file directive, and of course building and installing a new sendmail configuration file, I forced sendmail to attempt immediate delivery if the load average is less than 50.

define(`confQUEUE_LA', `50')dnl

The result:

j72DIJJN018749shouldqueue: CurrentLA=17, pri=325552: false (CurrentLA < QueueLA)

See section 6.3.4--Queueing Function--in the Operations Guide for more information.

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Last modified: 08/02/2005