"no more recursive clients: quota reached"

By default, BIND 9 allows 1000 concurrent recursive clients. If you exceed this limit, you will see syslog messages similar to:

Feb 14 23:45:42 hostname named[25205]: [ID 866145 daemon.warning] client client_IP#49702: no more recursive clients: quota reached

To increase the number of concurrent recursive clients, use the recursive-clients option in the global server configuration options.


options {
        recursive-clients       10000;

From the BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual:

    The maximum number of simultaneous recursive lookups the server will perform on behalf of
    clients. The default is 1000. Because each recursing client uses a fair bit of memory, on the order of
    20 kilobytes, the value of the recursive-clients option may have to be decreased on hosts with
    limited memory.
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Last modified: 02/16/2006