"ufs error doing common"

Cannot boot:
There is a problem with the boot-device. At the ok prompt, enter printenv boot-device and devalias to get a list of other devices to attempt to boot from.

If you still cannot load the root filesystem, boot from CD single-user with boot cdrom -s, run the format command, and look at the partition tables of the recognized disks to see which disks contain a root partition. Attempt to mount these root partitions within a writable filesystem (e.g. /tmp), and run fsck on these slices if necessary.

Error message:
Rebooting with command: boot
Boot device: /sbus@3,0/SUNW,fas@3,8800000/sd@b,0 File and args:
SunOS Release 5.6 Version Generic_105181-19 [UNIX(R) System V Release 4.0]
Copyright (c) 1983-1997, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
/kernel/strmod/rpcmod: undefined symbol mi_timer_free
/kernel/strmod/rpcmod: undefined symbol mi_timer_alloc
/kernel/strmod/rpcmod: undefined symbol mi_timer
/kernel/strmod/rpcmod: undefined symbol mi_timer_valid
rpcmod error doing common
/kernel/fs/ufs: undefined symbol xdr_void
/kernel/fs/ufs: undefined symbol xdr_enum
/kernel/fs/ufs: undefined symbol xdr_u_long
/kernel/fs/ufs: undefined symbol xdr_rpcb_rmtcallargs
/kernel/fs/ufs: undefined symbol xdr_rpcb_rmtcallres
/kernel/fs/ufs: undefined symbol xdr_string
/kernel/fs/ufs: undefined symbol clnt_tli_kinit
ufs error doing common
WARNING: Cannot load drv/options
Can't load the root filesystem
Type 'go' to resume

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Last modified: 04/18/2002