virtusertable FEATURE

sendmail's virtusertable allows a mail server to receive mail for multiple--possibly nonexistent--domains. Each of these "virtual" domains is added to class {VirtHost}; domains may be added with a separate VIRTUSER_DOMAIN macro for each domain, or may be loaded from a file with the VIRTUSER_DOMAIN_FILE macro.

{VirtHost} domains are automatically added to class R, the "relay domains" class.

In this example, sendmail will be configured to redirect all mail to my email address.

1. Add FEATURE(virtusertable) to the sendmail macro configuration file.
2. Add VIRTUSER_DOMAIN(`') to the sendmail macro configuration file.
3. Add to /etc/mail/virtusertable.
4. Build the virtusertable database with makemap hash /etc/mail/virtusertable < /etc/mail/virtusertable
5. Build and install the sendmail configuration file.
6. Test the configuration.

$ echo '$={VirtHost}' | sendmail -bt

$ echo '3,0' | sendmail -bt
parse            returns: $# esmtp $@ gmail . com . $: bhutch < @ gmail . com . >

To deliver mail to multiple addresses with virtusertable, you may specify an alias in the right-hand side; multiple values, even separated by commas, are not allowed in virtusertable.

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Last modified: 2006/04/28